Operating System

OS tutorial

Operating System Test - 1 2045

Q.1 What is operating system?

collection of programs that manages hardware resources system service provider to the application programs
link to interface the hardware and application programs all of the mentioned

Q.2 In operating system, each process has its own

address space and global variablesopen files
pending alarms, signals and signal handlersall of the mentioned

Q.3 What is interprocess communication?

communication within the process communication between two process
communication between two threads of same processnone of the mentioned

Q.4 The interval from the time of submission of a process to the time of completion is termed as

waiting timeturnaround time
response timethroughput

Q.5 Semaphore is a/an _______ to solve the critical section problem.

hardware for a system special program for a system
integer variable none of the above

Q.6 Which one of the following is not shared by threads?

program counterstack
both program counter and stacknone of the mentioned

Q.7 Thrashing _______ the CPU utilization.

increases keeps constant
decreases none of the mentioned

Q.8 A Process Control Block(PCB) does not contain which of the following :

CodeBootstrap program

Q.9 The wait-for graph is a deadlock detection algorithm that is applicable when :

all resources have a single instance all resources have multiple instances
all resources have a single 7 multiple instanceall of the mentioned

Q.10 The most optimal scheduling algorithm is :

FCFS – First come First served SJF – Shortest Job First
RR – Round RobinNone of the mentioned