CSS Tutorial

Introduction to CSS

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Now the question is what is CSS?

CSS is used to make your website beautiful by giving it some colors, structures, transitions, animations and much more. In this tutorial you gonna learn all these things and at last you will be able to create your own beautiful website.

As you can see in this webpage, the color that is given to the sidemenu and how every element is placed in this webpage is done through CSS.

Before starting to CSS it is must that you have basics knowledge of HTML. If you don't then you can go to our HTML tutorial and in very less time you will learn HTML.


In this tutorial you will also learn about different properties of CSS3 like BOX MODEL.


CSS was first proposed by HÃ¥kon Wium Lie on October 10, 1994.

Why CSS?

Main advantages of CSS

1. CSS saves time

One CSS file can be used to give design to whole website.

2. More formatting options

Before CSS we had only few formatting tags that is used in HTML for designing but when CSS came it gives more tags to design more beautifully.

3. Loads faster

CSS is a very short file that is saved with an extension .CSS and hence the loading is very fast.

4. Easy to maintain

Due to its smaller size and well formated coding it is very easy to maintain the CSS file.