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8085 Microprocessor

8086 Microprocessor

Difference between

Difference between microprocessor 8085 and microprocessor 8086

8085 vs 8086

Following are the difference between 8085 and 8086

1It is 8 bit microprocessorIt is 16 bit microprocessor
2It has 16 bit address busIt has 20 bit address bus
3It can access upto 64kb of memoryIt can access upto 1Mb of memory
4It can access 256 I/O'sIt can access 65536 I/O's
5It doesn't have an instruction queueIt has an instruction queue
6It doesn't support pipelined architectureIt supports pipelined architecture
7Doesn't support multiprocessorSupports multiprocessor
8Support only one operation modeSupports two operation mode
9It supports only integer and decimalIt supports integer, decimal and ASCII
10Low costHigh cost